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The cooking in Sardinia is varied like its landscapes, therefore in addition to the natural and architectural beauties from Alghero, it must be mentioned the wine and food routes.
Flea market
The Algherese specialties are based mostly in fish and shellfish menu. In relation with them it must be named the famous Algherese crayfish, known and appreciated worldwide. Among the typical dishes: lobster catalan style, coppazza and spaghetti with sea urchins, spaghetti with bottarga and monzette under salt cooked in the oven and the Algherese paella.

Sea urchins
Each year, between February and March in Alghero there is the known Bogamarì festival (sea urchin) a tradition that during the weekend gather tourists and autochthonous inhabitants who love sea urchin and they can taste the delicious pink pulp at stands prepared along the port in the Barcelona seafront (Lungomare Barcellona). Since some years many restaurants joined the initiative of proposing menu in relation with sea urchin specialty.

Algherese paella (Municipality of Alghero)

Not to forget the known production of extra-virgin olive oil from the Alghero region based on the growing of Bosana olive quality, celebrated every year with the national reward "La degustatrice di olio di oliva", in the ambit of "L'Oro di Alghero" festival, competition in which participate not only the professional tasters but also simple assayers.

Sella & Mosca wines The Alghero territory can also be proud of well-known wines like those produced by the important cellar of Sella & Mosca where it is possible to appreciated the infinite variety of wines DOC from Sardinia.

It is remarkable the Sassari cookery specialties which includes from fish to meat.